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Relocation of factories, assembly-disassembly of production lines, machinery and steel structures.

The aim of PHU Jamniuk is fulfilling the needs of our customers.
In order to develop many companies create new branches, extend infrastructure or – in order to save money – change location of the production. PHU Jamniuk facilitates development of companies by assembly new machinery or by comprehensive relocation of factories, production hall. We guarantee disassembly, preparing to the transport, for customer request – transport, unloading, reassembly and start up in new location. We have rich experience in comprehensive assembly and reassembly of steel structures. Experience of many assemblies, disassemblies, qualified staff and stock of machinery give us opportunity to realize the most complicated projects

Industrial welding (methods: TIG,MIG/MAG, electrode) is a crucial activity of our company.
For many years we have been realized welding projects for Polish and foreign contractors. Qualified welders with updated certificates and rich experience weld tanks, pipelines, pipes and steel structures. Our welded joints distinguish themselves with precision and durability and give possibility of long term usage.

In order to ensure continuity of the work as well as reduce cost of breaks of our customers we perform maintenance services in industrial plants. 
We have experienced team of engineers, mechanics, electricians, fitters who work preventively running technical documents, making diagnosis of machinery and repair machinery. All these procedures ensure both: continuity technological process and improvement of stability of companies we cooperate with.

PHU Jamniuk produces pipelines, tanks and steel structures according to the needs of our customers.
Leading position of PHU Jamniuk on the market of services for industry has been established by reliability and flexible attitude towards customers. We take care about the highest quality therefore we employ experienced engineers, mechanics, fitters, welders and electricians. Thanks to the top qualified staff and long-term experience we have achieved leading position in competitive branch. Thanks to them we guarantee to our customers: professionalism, safety and on time investments satisfaction.